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Meet Tallewellyn Comics

Portfolio of Artwork

I'm a UK based Comic Art graduate with a passion for fantasy tales and romances. I have two primary styles, both a bold comic art style and a sketched, messier, more traditional style . I also work in background concept art in primarily fantasy and sci-fi settings.

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Upcoming Events

The different conventions you'll be able to find me at in the next few months

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Active Projects

The current selection of active projects


Tempus Clade

Follow the tale of Eruadan, Merri and Ducalien and their party as they endeavour to save the world from the growing undead problem

Final Layer 2 LQ.PNG

Fort Valen

When a plot is brewing to kill the matron in the sandy mountain fort of Valen, anyone could be the suspect. It's your job to figure out who.

Completed Projects

Projects that are finished as of this point in time

Pastrami Concept Art CIty.png

Pastrami The Space Cat

The young engineer: Sage makes an unlikely ally in pampered pet Pastrami. Can the cat help Sage out of his sticky home situation before Pastrami's owners catch up to him?

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