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Character Illustration

I have a strong passion for character illustration and most of my inspiration stems from tabletop roleplay games which is why you'll see a lot of reoccurring characters in the images below. I often find myself picking out scenes from our games and drawing my favourites with strong preference to the emotional moments.

Cartoon Style

My primary style which involves bold lineart, cel shading and strong vibrant colours.

This style is the one primarily used in the comics I draw, I also have an alternative style of shading which makes use of a more paint-like tool that creates more natural lighting

No Soul.png
I am the captAIN NOW done.png
Brave Enough.png
Kai x Riz.png
Melba Discovery.png

Painting Style

This is the more time consuming but altogether very stark style that is more befitting of comic covers or solo illustrations as well as concept art

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