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Fort Valen

A Final Year Visual Novel Project

For the minor project of our third and final university year, we banded together to create Fort Valen, a visual novel following a group of 5 teens all living in a mountainous fort together.

Final Layer 2 LQ.PNG

Now Available on Steam!

Get the game for yourself or a friend!

Our Story

This story is being written by Daisy Lock and Talia Bowett, we're a duo that met at Staffordshire University and have been working together as a team ever since. This is the second opportunity we've had to work together and we're excited to present this collaboration to the world.

We are both insanely passionate about what we do and we're proud to present Fort Valen to the world.

Meet The Team


September 5th Update

New music tracks have been added into the game, courtesy of our wonderful musician DashingToadie!
- Close Distant Relations
- Crystaline Tranquility
- Everpresent
- If Courage Could Save (Opening Theme)
- Menu Theme
- Risen to Perfection
- Searching the Sands
- Sneaking Around
- Sun-Baked Sandstone
- The Finest Valen Silks
- The Hardest Part (Epilogue Theme)
- Think Back
- Tomfoolullaby
- Valenight

Intro Cutscene
- The Intro animation now has new background music

Epilogue Cutscene
- The Epilogue now has new background music

Added Backgrounds
- Comfy Room

Character Sprite Changes
- Vishara now has adjusted character sprites in the epilogue
- Vishara also has changed sprites on the training route

Added CGs
- A new "Bad End" Screen has been added

New Endings
- A short bad end has been added to the investigation phase

Added/Adjusted Features
-The intro cutscene now doesn't play until after you click "New Game" on the menu screen
- The "Dinner with Haloban" section now uses the Comfy Room instead of the study
-The Menu Page now has new music

Bug Fixes
- Various Spelling errors have been corrected (There are probably more, there's a lot of words and one of us is Dyslexic)
- A bug that had music overlapping has been fixed (Again this will probably happen a couple more times, it's an easy mistake to make in the code)

No upcoming events at the moment
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