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The MCM Table

Table Design and Products

Having attended conventions before I've had a little bit of time to try out different variations of table designs and products. Having also been an attendee of conventions I've also had good experience in figuring out what will sell well and below I'll show what I've created in preparation for MCM London

Table Design

Our group was undecided on what table design we wanted to go for and so I designed what my ideal half of the table would look like and due to me tabling with Hazel on the Friday, if she liked the design I have enough equipment to cover both halves. Daisy agreed to let us use her wire crates and I contributed my hessian tablecloth which set a solid base for the table for the others to decorate as they desired.

Table design.png

Business Card

This is the business card I have been using since the Christmas Fair last semester. The logo is complex and I may change it at some point but it currently represents one of the main characters of Tempus Clade as drawing art of her over the summer of 2020 was one of the main reasons I managed to make such vast improvements to my art so I wanted her to be a central part of the logo. 

The business card will be displayed proudly on my table at MCM and I currently only have around 100 of my original 250 left so I will be buying more for MCM

Business Card

Extra Products

Having visited MCM a fair few times I took note of what was selling well and the various people I talked to on Artist Alley agreed that frogs and the Cottagecore aesthetic are currently very popular. I got to work on creating a selection of frog stickers that have sold incredibly well at the fairs I have attended

I create the stickers with matt vinyl paper which I then cut out using my Cricut Explore machine. I also later added backgrounds to the stickers and made them into badge designs too, these haven't been as popular but I believe they will sell better at MCM

I also designed a few extra stickers that I believed matched the cottage-core aesthetic which included a "Strawbee and Raspbee" which I believe came out quite cute along with some regular nature themed stickers which were a bit more normal and I made to appeal to the more normal crowd at the Stoke Craft and Flea market.

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