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Christmas Art Fair

Entire Table design

The Brief

For this module we were each given a book at random and we had to research and design a marketable product based on that book. I was given The Time Machine by HG Wells. I personally loved the book and chose to listen to the audio book version and draw pictures as I listened to it. The book gave me a very steampunk theme and it seems I'm not the only one who sees it as many would call it one of the founding fathers of the steampunk genre. It was quite the honour to be given such a cult classic to work with.

Below are some of the inspiration images I found on the internet including one of the cover designs for the book itself

The Presentation

As part of the module we had to present to the class along with a panel of lecturers, below is my presentation which compiled all of my research and current ideas, as well as intended audience and how much it would take for me to break even at the fair.

The Products

In the end, I scrapped the idea of Christmas cards across various ages as I felt it would be too generic and I didn't have much time after completing the calendar images which were my main focus. Instead I took the time to print out the calendar images separate from the calendar itself, I printed them as both A4 prints and A6 cards.

The Calendar images below are the final product and each includes a description of the thought process behind them and how well they did at the fair

The Calendars were created for £4.70 each through Vistaprint and the final thing was very high quality 

The cards, prints and stickers were printed out through my HP Envy Printer using 220 gsm card for the cards and prints and vinyl sticker paper for the stickers. I was very happy with the quality of almost all of these products besides a few of the months which printed out a lot darker than I had hoped.


As part of the module we also had to assist in the advertisement of the fair, I created a couple of Instagram posts to advertise the fair and my products. In addition to this I made a poster that was displayed in the pop up comic shop in the Henrion building.