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Image by Christian Wiediger


Instagram and Facebook

Both being owned by Metaverse, these social media come as one in the same as you're able to post on both at the same time without having to make multiple posts

Instagram is my main area of expertise, prior to joining the course I posted cosplay content on Instagram for a year gaining around 366 followers. It wasn't many in the grand scheme of Instagram but it got me some great friends who are now supporting my comics as well.

Our Page is called Lost Legacy Comics and I use both my comic and cosplay account to promote it to the biggest audience I can get to. 

I found Facebook more useful for getting potential sales as my family and friends are interested in supporting me and reading my work

In comparison I found my engagements on Instagram to be better as the algorithm is a little more forgiving with the explore page allowing people to find new creators

Logo Design

I did the logo design for Lost Legacy. I conceptualised about 6 different designs using a messier brush to try and keep the design more free and open to adaptation.

Considering the nature of our title "Solomon's Seal" linking to the name of the family and also the solomon's seal plant, I had 2 very different approaches within the designs. Either focusing on nature or focusing on legacy as a concept which came out twice in my designs as books.


The Rough Draft

This was the design the group voted on, we liked the simplistic colour scheme and the use of the book design strongly fit our ideas of the passed down legacy in Solomon's Seal's storyline. I tampered with the idea of a few other colour bookmarks but the red definitely suited it best

Colour Variants.png

The bookmark was the only coloured part of the logo so I tried out a few variants but decided the red still looked best. The red and black added into the horror theming of the different chapters of the comic.

Lost Legacy.png

The Improved Logo

I then upgraded the rough design to the one we used for the social media accounts. I also later turned this into a stencil for our screen printing workshop

The Instagram Posts

I attempted to keep a consistent posting schedule with the group Instagram, I was the one to set up the posting schedule so we didn't all end up posting on eachother's days. We made it nice and simple with it being in chronological order of the chapters and then Sunday was available for anyone who wanted to post anything else. My posting day was Tuesday and I made sure to post every other week and then around every 3 weeks by the end of the project.

Visiting Conventions

During the time of this project I attended 2 conventions: Stoke Craft and Flea and Stoke Con Trent

I chose these events as they weren't too far afield and it would give me a few more steps from a small Christmas fair to the biggest convention in England.

While at these events I advertised the release of my new comics and learned about what products to sell in different events. My primary items being stickers and badges as well as a few art prints

The Christmas Fair

In the first semester we sold at the University Christmas Fair where I made around £112 and offloaded a decent amount of business cards. The experience gave me a first attempt at selling in a table top fair, I gave my table a christmas theme with lots of greenery covered in baubles and tinsel as well as a festive red and gold tablecloth. I used wire crates on my table to display my products on so visitors have easy view of everything available.

Table 1.PNG

Stoke Craft and Flea

Stoke Craft and Flea saw me improve my branding to include more of the orange and purple colour scheme and natural themed table, changing the tablecloth to a hessian fabric, now using a corkboard to display my stickers and badges with small bamboo bowls beneath to hold the actual products for guests to get a feel for.

I made around £121 at this fair and the table cost £50. The stickers and badges were incredibly popular here and the art prints sold less than I had hoped but I also offloaded over 50 business cards with some interest drummed up in commissions

Stoke Con Trent

My table design didn't progress much here from last time but I adjusted my prices here from 50p to £1 for stickers and the discount bin went to 50p overall instead of different prices for different size prints. The only addition to my process here was the upgrade from carrying everything in cardboard boxes to carrying everything in plastic storage crates which kept everything safer when the luggage trolley I was carrying everything on inevitably crashed again.

As for sales I believe I hit completely the wrong audience as the convention was much more of a memorabilia con and I only made £23 when the table itself cost £50. I can comfortably say this wasn't due to the quality of the products as they sold very successfully in prior cons.

Table 2.PNG
Field Merri.png

Tempus Clade

Additional work

During the course of this year I have also been designing a personal comic to sell at MCM London which I also did a lot of additional advertising for at the conventions I visited. I mention this here as a lot of my comic account following attend London MCM and are already interested in this title which can bring them in to the table and they may potentially be interested in Solomon's Seal too as it has my work included


For the conventions I visited I took around this leaflet to advertise Tempus Clade. I only had a few takers but every one of them is someone who might be interested in my artwork and may be attending MCM London.

My project (12).png


Attending MCM London, I have 7 cosplayers cosplaying the central cast of Tempus Clade to advertise it around the hall. We are also conceptualising a scavenger hunt for each of the characters that will then bring people over to the table.

The intention is to also have the cosplay group get into the 86th Floor Cosplay video which is one of the most popular cosplay filming groups at the events getting around 200,000 views on their MCM London videos. We have been part of their videos before and hope to get a slot in their next video to help advertise.

Instagram Sneak Peeks

Posting on both my Instagram and Facebook has racked up nearly 50 pre-orders of Tempus Clade which almost covers the price of the printing of the 150 issues I'm planning on printing.

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