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MCM Project

This project saw me working with fellow creatives:

@dantelorde @daisyhrlock @willchester00 @joshcastle1379 and @hazeleye_art 

Together the 6 of us made Solomon's Seal, a story following the sparse bloodline of the Solomon Family as they chase down a millennia old family curse.

The original idea followed long discussions of what kind of group project we wanted to create. We wanted something that linked in more than just a theme. We raised the idea of creating a generational story like Jojo's bizarre adventure where each of us would take a generation of a family and make a long story out of it. This matched up with some of the other ideas around the table of wanting a space theme or a cowboy theme both of which could be achieved by doing this multi-generational story. 

We also conceptualised the story of this family all being told to the youngest generation. We originally started with the idea of each of us drawing a child and having 6 children who the story is being told to but we agreed that was far too complex and Daisy took the final chapter and designed Quinn. We all agreed to dedicate a page to Quinn being shown our respective protagonists in a family gallery before being thrown into the story of each chapter and then Daisy's chapter would seal off the story as Quinn.

I was the one to suggest we do a family of monster hunters as it added an easy means of conflict for each chapter, we later broadened to just a family of adventurers though most of us still stuck to the monster hunter idea.

From the branch of this being a world full of monsters, we came up with the curse and the artefact. The curse states that "When a firstborn Solomon turns 10 years of age, their parents are doomed to meet their end" the artefact splits into 5 pieces and each of us besides Hazel's protagonist who breaks it in the first place would put a piece of the broken artefact in our story and then Quinn would compile them all at the end to finish the curse. 

Image by Solen Feyissa
University Cafeteria
Cover Constance.PNG

MCM Table

The compiling of the final products

In Class Tasks

The extra tasks we completed in classes

Concept Art

The design process for each of the characters within my chapter


The steps I took to promote Solomon's Seal on the run up to MCM London

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