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Creative Writing

Quick Writing Tasks

For these tasks we had set amounts of time to write words following up after a prompt ranging from 10 seconds to 10 minutes.

1.Black smoke billowed out of the engine room, oil-smeared and covered in soot, the engineer exited the room. Patting clouds of black dust off of her uniform “Apologies cap’n it’s bust” ​

2. The bell rang and there was a sound like thunder as seats skidded across the floor away from desks. The supply teacher stood, dumbfounded, pencil still pointed in the air 

3. You found your bike in the alley behind the shop, not where you remember leaving it, but it was crushed and twisted out of its original form, curious... 

4.She jumped up and caught the ball, the scowl on the opposing team’s captain was priceless

5.The man swung a fist which the girl scarcely dodged 

6. A character is sleepless – Her back was pressed against the rough bark of the tree; it wasn’t ideal bedding but they had seldom had time to stop running, let alone set up camp. Her sister had found comfort pressed into the crisp autumn leaves on the solid ground, she wished she was so lucky. Her sword lay across her lap, something in the reflection of the cold steel always managed to catch her attention before she could convince herself to sleep at all. There was a cold shiver that ran up her back at every small thought of what would happen if they were to be caught.

7. Luke spent his lottery winnings on cheese, so many wheels of cheese, they called him mad... and he was 

8. If you press the magic button, you will come to find yourself in a world not quite like your own, your mother, she’s gone. 

9.The clock stopped at 10:30, he knew because the grandfather clock down the hall chimed the half hour and abruptly stopped its obnoxious ticking, strangely enough the footsteps that had echoed out down the hall had stopped along with it. The scruffy boy shuffled out from under his bedsheets and dared a glance through the crack in his door. There was a man … at least he looked like one, slender and unmoving with sharp fingernails on elongated hands. The tall man faced the clock, unmoving. The boy started backwards, making quick and decisive steps back to his bed, but when he turned there was a form in the bed already... and it looked like him. The boy glanced between his bed and his door frantically, heart pounding and mind aching, he considered his grandmother, her room was past the grandfather clock and the tall man. Did he know she was there? If he did, had he done something already?                                               

The clock down the hall made a low and lengthened chime, it was distorted and painful on the ears and it was followed by a calm woman’s voice that rang in the boy’s mind “If you cannot stop him, then he’s going to swallow you whole, boy."

10. It was moving... but how? She had smashed the small robotic car to pieces and it continued to move. She dropped the hammer and fell back into the sofa, hands covering her face, the slightly muffled laughing of her housemates travelling down from the neighbouring room as the tiny contraption bumped into her leg again, she sighed heavily “This is what I get for housing with engineering students 

11.What was he running from? The law, naturally 

12. She revved up the bike and sped away from the poor man left in the pouring rain 

13. The pen was running out of ink, he had to finish the letter, he absolutely had to, they thought he was dead, the least he could do was write, he visioned the piteous face of his fiancé back home, shaking that unrealistic visage from his mind as quickly as it arose, she was more likely furious at his rapid disappearance. If the letter arrived before he did, perhaps there’d be time for her rage to quell before he saw her again, leaving your fiancé at the altar is sure to bring up a little bad blood, especially when that woman is a 5’4 ball of fiery fury and very strong opinions. The ink faltered on the page again and the man scribbled his name hastily at the bottom so at least there’d be a name to accompany this maddeningly vague letter. There was a crash from the door behind him that he had locked upon entry and with a hasty twist of the handle, flung the window open and dove into the trash bags below, sprinting off into the night, slipping the now sealed envelope into the post box, now all he could do was hope and pray the letter arrived home before he had the chance. 

14. I’m running late, it happens every morning. I can’t seem to get myself out of bed until 20 minutes before I need to be out of the door, no time for breakfast, but that suits me fine, it makes me feel sick anyway. 

15. An alarm rang at the zoo. That can’t be unusual, right? It must be for an animal feeding time, I’m sure of it. At least, I was until I heard roaring followed by screams. 

16. There was a leak, I thought when the plumber quoted me £9000 for new pipes, he was mad, I laughed then, but I’m certainly not laughing now 

17. When the dog barked, I told him to get away from the window, I knew German Shepherds were a bad idea. 

18. Under the sofa there was at least £50 in loose change, I know I told my stepdad to empty his pockets before laundry but this is madness 

19. If I hadn’t looked out the window at that exact moment, I wouldn’t have believed it. The street was full of carnage and there were these things, they looked human... but they weren’t, not anymore, I know that now. Humanoid figures with limbs where limbs should not be and growths of crystal protruding from gaps in skin, they seemingly work as a unit, hunting people down in the streets, attacking car tyres and pulling out the people from within. They were smart and they shook me to my core. A woman ran to my door, pounding on the window and begging me to let her in, I can only assume she saw me at the window. The door was locked but to be extra safe I bolted the chain across the door. The monsters didn’t take long to find her, pulling her from my doorstep. I stayed locked in that house for three weeks, cautiously rationing my food, we had extra supplies set up in the cellar for if we got snowed in in the winter.  By the end of week three my rations were getting very scarce, I was left with trail mix and the rain water I collected in a plastic bag by the window. After the disaster it only took 24 hours for the power to go out and 3 days before the taps ran dry. I had been keeping track of the days but not anymore, I don’t think help is coming so I’m going to have to leave this place before my supplies run out. I just hope with what little I’ve learned of the monsters. I can make my way to the store around the corner, it’s not far, I can see it from my window... 

Interest Curve

Using the plot synopsis of The Walking Dead Video Game- Season 4, Episode 1, I drew up this interest curve to show the rise and fall of tension throughout the chapter. I believe the chapter utilizes a good tension build and a final moment at the end of the chapter which leaves on a cliffhanger.


Small Bites Increasing in Size

  • Round multicoloured sphere 

  • The colourful rubber sphere was about knee height when placed on the floor 

  • The white ball had three stripes of neon colour on it in bright blue, yellow and pink it was light and full of pressurised air and reached about knee height, commonly it was used for entertainment on sandy beaches. 

  • Adorable, soft, small 

  • A small wide-eyed ball of fur with floppy ears and a wet nose 

  • The minute beast looked at me with big round eyes, it had a small tail and cute folded ears. Its fur was mainly white with splotches of black and brown along its back and face.  

  • Red, small, toy-like 

  • The bright little automobile was a post-box red with far too many lights 

  • The little automobile was a shade of red paralleling a London bus, there were six headlights across the front which seemed excessive but gave the little car undeniable personality. The little black tyres were worn but still road-worthy

Expand the Vague Sentences

The man got lost 

The short male blinked dumbly at his map; a hand raised to scratch his mop of shaggy black hair. The row of dark trees in front of what otherwise seemed to be a perfectly clear road did not appear on the variety of twisted roads scattered across the map. 

Our dinner was nice 

The empty fork clattered onto the sauce smeared plate with a resounding finality, the darker haired of the two women leaned back in her chair, patting her stomach, she gazed across to the lighter haired woman who also presented a clear plate save the single sprig of rosemary garnish, they both caught each other's gaze and nodded contentedly 

The woman was washing 

The continuous rumble of the waterfall played as a loud accompaniment to the splashing of water as the woman cleared dirt from her muddied arms, she scrubbed at her stained fingernails, sighing in defeat at the futility of the task, knowing moments later she would be muddy again 

The woman was outside 

At the end of the lawn there was a long-haired figure, somewhat hunched and short in stature, clothes torn and stained with reddish brown splotches that the man hoped was only dirt. The woman was illuminated by the single lamp post at the end of the garden, she was squatting in the hydrangea flowers he had worked so hard to grow 

It’s cold tonight 

Wind whistled violently between the houses carrying a flurry of snow with it, the man continued to trudge through inches of snow that clung to his boots and legs as he fought his way towards the half-buried door of his house, He pulled his jacket around him even tighter, his cheeks pink and flush with the chill wind that stung his exposed skin. The lamp light reflected a warm hue off of the settled snow which the man supposed looked would be beautiful to he who wasn’t stuck out in it 

A dog laid down 

The great hound huffed and rested his head on the carpeted floor, watching his owner pacing around, phone raised to her ear, the dog's doleful yellow eyes drooped and he released a great yawn, rolling to the side, exposing his huge belly to the fireplace, grumbling contentedly. His owner eventually stopped the incessant pacing, throwing her phone haphazardly onto the sofa, dipping to lay down beside the dog, his ears perked up as she scrubbed his belly, asking the timeless question “Who’s a good boy?” 

Mini Pantsing Activity

It was a sunny morning, steam curled up from the long-haired brunette’s coffee as it swirled in the cup. Releasing a heavy sigh, she gazed out of the window to the verdant vegetable patch outside of her small wooden hut. Gently setting the coffee down on the desk she swept her hair up into a ponytail and pulled on her jacket, tipping the last of the coffee down her throat and heading out to the garden. 

It was a ghost, stood plain as day at the end of the winding pathway, the woman blinked, scrubbing at her eyes for a second but it still stood there, glaring down at a specific patch of the garden, the herb bed, the woman edged closer to catch a glimpse of what it was looking at, the small patch of sage, newly planted and now newly withered under the ghost’s angry gaze, it was an older woman who snapped her head up to glare at the brunette, her transparent hand pointing down at the sage before stomping off into the woods surrounding the clearing, followed by a huge crash as the ghost’s body disappeared from sight. 

“The sheep got out!!” another voice called as the brunette saw her shorter haired sister sprinting over from the animal pens “Are you listening to me!?” she asked, even louder to the longer haired sibling who still had her eyes fixed on the treeline. She shook her head fervently and looked to the other girl who was stood in anticipation, sheep steadily filtering out of the barn in the distance behind her. 

“Maybe close the door?” The first sibling mused, the shorter haired whipping around and cursing loudly, running back to the barn and with the help of the other farm hands they managed to coax the remaining sheep back into the correct pen, sacrificing a few of the vegetables from the patch to achieve it. 

The longer haired sibling looked back to the herb patch in the garden and with a certain modicum of reluctance, dug into patch, removing the sage from the collection, throwing it to the pig patch hoping that might appease the ghost from causing any more livestock-based disasters. 


Scrambled Scripts

The point of this project was to roll a dice and the results provided us with a prompt per roll that we then had to create a story using them (Not in any particular order)

6. Character B Slips 

7. Character A jumps into the water 

20 Character A and Character B dance 

6. Character B slips 

The sun baked the earth surrounding the shimmering lake in the woodland clearing. Two figures trudged from the treeline, one lagging a way further behind the first, her tattered brown walking boots splattered with dried on mud that continued up her legs and even speckled up her shirt and the loosely tied green bandana around her neck. Still continuing to pick up pace, her male companion looked equally caked in flaking dried dirt, he reached the water’s edge much quicker than her as a raised root caught underneath her feet, sending leaves and sticks flying off in different directions as her knees hit dirt, she heard the splashing of water long before she got up as Aaron had sprung off the algae-coated wooden pier into the lake, a cloud of mud lifting from his clothes and rising to the surface of the water, he flicked his now drenched fringe back over his head, spotting his female compatriot Harper now back on her feet, dropping her backpack and heading towards the pier, Aaron pulled himself back onto the pier again, shaking off some of the loose water clinging to his clothes and hair, taking Harper by the hand and leading her to twirl around on the wooden platform, seemingly raising her spirits a little as she let out a quiet chuckle, stepping forward to move into the dance... and slipping on the green algae of the pier... headfirst... into the water. 

1. Character B punches Character A 

5. Character B digs a hole 

8. Character B falls down the stairs 

18. Character B jumps through a window 

9. Character B reveals themself to be the villain 

20. Character B confesses 

Haley let out a deep sigh, the woman across from her clicked the round “record” button, pushing the microphone across the steel table towards her.  

“This is the testament of suspect Haley Steele” the besuited woman nodded across at Haley who grumbled before leaning back in her chair. 

“Now you see, it started with a fight, Michael had really pissed me off that night and it had been the final straw when I saw him in the bed with my father of all people, I couldn’t take it anymore, he came up to me all apologetic and I didn’t think I just clocked him in the jaw, running out into the hall. Didn't really anticipate the temper that brought out in Michael, he pushed me clean down those stairs” Haley indicated to her broken shoulder “Anyways I think a lil’ bit of the ol’ fight or flight kicked in and I made a run for it, I’d locked the front door when I came in earlier and Michael was already chargin’ down the stairs after me so what else could I do, I jumped outta the window, he tried to follow, dumb bastard so I grabbed the nearest thing to stop him, a garden shovel and I bashed that ol’ man’s brains out, already had the tools to start diggin’ so I did, unfortunately with my broken shoulder, wasn’t digging very fast and my nosy old hag neighbour Margery saw me, called you guys and I think you know the rest” 

The formal woman clicked “stop” on the recorder and raised an eyebrow at Haley  

“I must confess I’ve not been honest with you, Haley. Michael Steele was, in fact, my husband too... and I believe I can help you. 

12. Character B impresses character A 

15. Character A apologises to character B 

5. Character B grabs Character A’s hand 

8. Character A is looking for a gift 

18. Character B jumps through a window 

13. Character A is on the phone 

14. Characters are walking  

19 Character A pays a bill 

4. Both walk into the sunset 

11. Character B cries 

20 Both Dance 

11. Character B Cries 

The mall was long since destroyed, vines drooping down through cracked glass panels in the ceiling, rays of waning sunlight breaking through the plant growth into the hallway that Serenity and Asher now found their way into. Serenity was the smaller of the two, a female figure with long ginger hair a bow slung over her back, Asher was far taller in stature, tan skin and curled black hair. Serenity gestured towards Asher and then the gift shop, he nodded quickly in response and moved towards the doors of the shop as Serenity headed to the gun store.  

The long since smashed glass doors’ metal frames clattered as Asher peered into the shop, his gun gripped tightly in white-knuckled hands, his other hand gripped a discarded rod of metal, throwing it with a loud clang as it bounced off of a ransacked metal shelf, his shoulders tensed as one of the rotting animated dead clawed its way from under a shattered metal shelf. Asher stumbled backwards as an arrow whizzed past his leg, striking the creature in the head. Asher whipped around and Serenity waved from the other side of the corridor  

“You’re welcome!” 

Asher smiled and raised a hand in thanks, yanking the arrow out of the now dead undead creature on the floor before heading deeper into the store, glancing up at the signs on the ceiling and following them to the “Jewellery” aisle 

A lingering smell of tart cheap perfume still lingered in the air around shattered coloured glass all over the floor, Asher shook his head, trying to refocus, picking up a small blue hinge-lid box off of the floor, it contained a horrendously gaudy eagle necklace which he quickly tossed over his shoulder, pocketing the box, hoping he’d find a better necklace to put within it. He eyeballed a shimmering item on the counter of the shop, sauntering over and scooping up the far more tasteful silver crescent moon necklace, a smile creeping onto his face as he fished some loose coins out of his pocket, placing them on the desk giggling to himself  

“Thanks ma’am I’ll take your whole stock” he blinked at the old mobile phone balanced on the counter, picking it up, scanning what felt like an old relic, the thing really felt like a heavy weight of uselessness without the electricity powering it. 

There was a patter of feet from across the hall that immediately caused Asher to crouch down as none other than Serenity hopped through the broken window of the shop, eye’s watery but her expression was very unreadable to Asher who, still crouched, moved over to her 

“What? What’s wrong?” he started, pausing as quickly as he started 

She didn’t need to answer as he also heard it, a cacophony of groaning from further down the hall where they had entered  

“We need to leave, now!” Serenity whispered, gripping Asher by hand, yanking them both from the shop towards the security ladder. The creatures seemed to be seeping out of every shop from every angle, the crash Asher had made earlier to find any zombies had certainly done the trick. Serenity was up like a shot up the rusting security ladder to the roof, Asher wasn’t far behind, one of the zombies narrowly missing his leg as the two living companions ascended the ladder, slamming the hatch closed behind them as they both collapsed onto the roof of the mall, bathed in orange glow from the sun.  

Serenity had tears slowly building in her eyes as Asher crowed in victory, dancing around wildly on the roof, extending a hand to his ginger-haired friend who took it, both taking a moment to dance goofily on the rooftop together before sitting themselves on the ledge, Asher feeling the cubic form in his pocket, withdrawing the empty jewellery box with a sheepish smile to Serenity as he handed it over 

“I uh... got you a box?” 

“Perfect, just what I always wanted” she responded with a bemused smile in return to the gesture, taking his hand once again and the two grabbed their backpacks and made their way off of the mall roof together in the last light of the day... 

Firefly, Watch How I Soar - Script Writing

This task asked us to write a script based on a page in one comic book of our choice, I chose Watch How I Soar by Boom! Studios. Once this script was written it was handed across to your partner at the table and then they had to recreate the comic page based on the script they were given.

Panel 1 

The sky is a mix of pink and orange in the sunset which reflects and makes the water look orange too, the first character: Wash, has short blonde hair, brown eyes, a wrinkled brow and a large Roman nose, he’s sat on a purple plesiosaur dinghy on the water, it has a silly toothy grin and big circular eyes, he is wearing an open Hawaiian shirt with a beige base that is covered in purple cactuses and blue stars along with plain black swimming trunks with a cord that ties together to hold them up. He has his hand raised to catch some of the falling brown leaves and his face emotes something wistful or sentimental 

“If in the grand fullness of time, unfathomable grief should subside and another man enters your life, I won’t--” 

Panel 2 

His wife, Zoe cuts him off, she is lay, stomach-down, on a plain white rectangular rubber dinghy, seemingly relaxing. She has dark brown skin and long black hair that is currently loose across her shoulders, she has eyes closed and she is wearing a simple black bikini  

“If you don’t shut up, I’m going to strangle you with that ratty shirt and bury you at the bottom of this lake with your dinghy” 

Despite the threat, she looks amused 

Panel 3 

More of the autumn leaves fall around Wash as he looks more pensive, still a slight smile at the corner of his mouth 

“Whatever you say, dear” 

Panel 4 

Wash catches one of the falling leaves in his hand and the view is now behind him showing the back of his head and the distant green land in the background, there are some trees on the mass of land and in the foreground is the large head of the dino dinghy Wash is sat on and some cattails obscure parts of the foreground. 

Panel 5 

One of Wash’s rough hands places the caught fallen leaf into the water beside the dinghy and it floats, curled up at the sides like a little boat 

Panel 6&7 

The leaf floats away from the two on the water 

Previous Student's Work Review

Gathering Quest – Isabelle Bosworth  

The comic was drawn digitally, printed on matt A5 paper read left to right. 

  • The basic plot is a fantasy story in which a group of high school heroes hear tale of a dragon and they also need a crystal to power their microwave so they can have breakfast. So, they venture out on a gathering quest where they find the dragon and use a shrinking potion on it, stealing some of the crystals from the cave and returning home to make omelettes in the microwave. 

  • As far as subplots go, I feel the microwave took precedent over the more interesting plot of the dragon, the comedy can work if that was the intention but I expected the story to focus more on the fantasy theme with the occasional inclusion of jokes. 

  • The art style is absolutely stunning but the speech bubbles really need work, the text isn’t always aligned centrally and sometimes the speech bubbles covered vital parts of the artwork.  

  • The ending wrapped up the microwave plotline but left the dragon storyline open which can work if there are going to be other books in the series as it give the reader something to wonder about, but as a single book it left a lot of open ends. 

  • Of all the different story types I saw this as a quest, which is unsurprisingly indicated by the title, they set out to acquire a crystal, they overcome the dragon and get what they are looking for. 

What was the moral? 

  • I couldn’t figure out a clear moral or theme 

What did you enjoy? 

  • I really like the art style; the colouring is pleasant and the linework is excellent 

What didn’t you enjoy? 

  • The text alignment and scruffy speech bubbles were very off-putting  

Were there any characters who stuck out? 

  • The main characters all followed very stereotypical anime tropes of the cute pink-haired innocent girl, the older intelligent motherly type, the clumsy girl and the tough girl. By the end of the book, it did occur to me that I didn’t know any of the characters names. We checked through again and one of the characters isn’t named at all. 

Suggested Improvements 

  • I’d refine the story a little, mention each of the character’s names at least once, perhaps adapt the designs a little so they aren’t as archetypal. I’d recommend using an ellipse tool or the speech bubble tool in Clip Studio to make the speech bubbles neater, some of the backgrounds are also very abstract so I’d do them in more details if I had the time. Also, one big detail was that the title on the front cover wasn’t properly capitalised which would be a big red flag for potential buyers 

Branching Storylines

We had to create a 4 page script based off of one of our spontaneous writing prompts, then we had to do a loose thumbnailing task of what it might look like on a page. We then had to format it into a choose-your-own-adventure-book style piece before finally creating a thumbnailed flow chart to accompany it.

Page 1 

Panel 1- Establishing shot of an abandoned corridor in a typical American mall, strewn newspapers, blood and zombified bodies dotted across the floor, overgrown plant beds in the middle of benches and scattered merchandise across the floors, rainwater in puddles across the floor and smashed glass across the floors from the shop windows and the skylight where assumedly most of the water is coming through. In this section of hallway there are two shops, a gun shop and a gift shop both across from each other. It is almost sunset so the mall is covered in orange and pink light. There are two figures in the abandoned hallway, ASHER and SERENITY  

S: “You check the gift store, Ash. I’ll see if there’s any ammunition left over here” 

ASHER- 5'8 androgynous looking he/him character with light tanned skin and a mop of curly black hair on top of his head wearing a grey zipped-up hoodie, a green over-jacket and ripped black jeans along with brown walking boots and a large dark grey rucksack. His weapon is a Colt 32 Semi-automatic pistol. 

SERENITY- 5'1 feminine looking she/her character, pale freckled skin and long ginger hair tied into a high ponytail, she is wearing a sage green button-up shirt with plant vine embroidery in lighter green, ragged patchwork scarf, dark blue jeans and comfortable black boots with a large brown sling bag over her shoulders with arrows sticking out of one of the pockets, her weapon is a wooden bow 

Panel 2- Metal doorframe to a gift shop surrounded by smashed glass on the grey tiled floor, a few loose newspapers and blood splatters across the ground 

ASHER entering through the broken door holding a Colt 32 semi-automatic pistol in his right hand and a bent metal pipe in his left 

Panel 3- Low view- ASHER clanging metal bar loudly against one of the empty shelves of the store 

Panel 4- behind over-shoulder view of ASHER with tense shoulders as a dark figure appears from behind one of the empty store shelves 

Panel 5- Close up of the zombie missing a jaw and peering around the shelf 

Panel 6 – motion shot of arrow piercing through the head of the zombie.  

Page 2 

Panel 1- ASHER mid-close shot, looking over his shoulder at Serenity with her bow up in the hallway 

A: “Thanks ‘ren!” 

S: “You’re welcome!” 

Panel 2-Small panel - grimy aisle marker “jewellery” above Asher’s head 

A: “A quick detour wouldn’t hurt, right?” 

Panel 3-Jewellery section of the store, mostly ransacked with boxes over the floor in puddles of greenish brown water, some of the boxes remain on the mostly broken shelves, strewn about and some of the boxes are open. ASHER reaches for one of the cheap velveteen black boxes 

Panel 4-The inside of the black velvet box still in decent condition contains a very tacky silver eagle covered in too many red white and blue rhinestones 

Panel 5-ASHER looks disgusted and tosses the necklace over his shoulder, keeping the box 

A: “She’d kill me if I gave her something that tacky” 

Panel 6- ASHER pockets the box, looking over his shoulder to see that SERENITY can’t be seen from the window of the gun store 

Page 3 

Panel 1 

ASHER exiting the gift store 

A: “Serenity?” 

Panel 2-4 (small panels) 

Low shot of SERENITY’S legs, she’s running towards ASHER 

Panel 5  

SERENITY grabbing for ASHER’S wrist 

S: “Don’t talk just run!” 

Panel 6 

The hallway behind them is full of zombies and they are both now running, SERENITY has now let go of ASHER’S wrist and she has a more strong and focused expression while his is much more scared, trying to catch a glance behind him.  

Page 4 

Panel 1 

SERENITY is ahead of ASHER and is climbing up a roof-access maintenance ladder  

Panel 2 

ASHER is now climbing behind her, his foot just narrowly avoiding being grabbed. 

Panel 3 

The two collapse out on the building roof, facing up to the beautiful sunset both tired and gasping for air 

S: “I knew this was a bad idea, why did we come here again?” 

Panel 4  

ASHER has his hand in his pocket, his expression is somewhere between disappointed and annoyed 

Panel 5 

ASHER now holds the box in his hand, his expression defeated 

A: “Well... I got you a box” 

Panel 6 

A somewhat silhouetted image of the two sat up on the roof with the setting sun in the distance as ASHER hands the box over to SERENITY, she looks amused. 

S:  “Just what I always wanted” 

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