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We've got high goals for this one so we need all the support we can get!

A Cyber-Fantasy Crossover Visual Novel

Partisan is an idea I have run with since around 2017-2018 when I was just leaving high school. I always knew I wanted to make something of it, it was always intended to be a comic and it was also always intended to be my first ever project but when I went to university then I ended up starting 3 other projects beforehand: Tempus Clade, Fort Valen and Pastrami the Space Cat.

With all of those at least somewhere in progress, I thought : "Hey how about fourth project" Like the workaholic halfling that I am.

After doing all the coding for Fort Valen I was also under the impression that it can't be that hard to program another game... as if I hadn't added much more complexity than Fort Valen ever had.

Partisan brings back some of my most beloved characters that I made as a young teen and using them again has made me happy beyond words, especially having James Kessels back on the project who was also there when these characters were first conceptualised.

The Story

Now you've heard my background, you'll undoubtedly want to know about what the story of Partisan is actually about!

Partisan is a 5 episode Cyber-Fantasy story following a small group of young adults in a post-dictatorship dystopia. The central cast gets by and tries to live their everyday lives under the harsh rule of usurper queen: Teval Beradas. Since coming into power she has trashed altars, razed temples and destroyed almost any trace of the religions of Haelidus. That's where you come in: An average citizen suddenly granted unusual powers, you find yourself at the centre of a witch-hunt which your new collective of friends might just be able to help you avoid.

There is a central circle of 5 central protagonists: Katsumi, Tyra, Hendrik, James and Remahn

and for the first time in our games: YOU!

Partisan is only the second game we've made and this time around we're letting you take the reins and decide what kind of protagonist you're going to be.

Meet The Team

Concept Art

Now you've seen background, read the storyline and met the crew.

I should probably also grant you a sneak peek of the artwork.

We will be releasing the official artbook with the Kickstarter but here's a little look at what we're trying to provide inside the game itself!

Tyra Hair concepts.png
Tyra Concepts.png
Tyra Portrait.png
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